Lowkey want a Texas tattoo


Cuddle, then D. 


So my first week moving into my co-op all the new members were thrown a welcome wagon party. I got fuck faced. Now it wasn’t a bad thing but I did have multiple heated makeuot session with this one guy. I don’t remember what happen next because I guess I blacked out but I woke up in two tank tops layered on top of each other and fully naked from the waste down in my bed. I know I didn’t sleep with him for fact but I don’t know how the night ended exactly.

So the next day he doesn’t speak to me even when having the perfect opportunity too. Leaving me to think that I may have totally fucked thing without even knowing or that I was just his drunk mistake. Now naturally it wouldn’t be that big a deal to me but this guy is the biggest babe I’ve ever placed my eyes on. (He has a beard and not just like pathetic facial hair I mean a beard that you can run your fingers through)

Its Friday now and I’m at a party where he happens to be, we don’t speak at first but later we have actual conversation. This time there wasn’t any physical action at all. Not a kiss not a hug… We didn’t even talk about the night we met or the situation at all…


Basically should I even try? I don’t understand! He is so hot!

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